Pars Energy & Environment (PEN) Consulting Group registered under the trade name of Zist Energy Pars in Iran is an independent, non-governmental, private section and limited liability company with Special Corporation engaged in variety of projects in Iran.

PEN Company registered with national ID 10103138130 on 13/06/2006 under Registration Number 273389.

PEN established in order to provide consulting services in the field of civil engineering, environmental studies, management and planning.


. PEN consists of four major Departments.

  • Department of Civil Engineering;
  • Department of Environment;
  • Department of HSE;
  • Department of GIS.

Maintaining and improving the environmental status of development projects, services and infrastructure with a sustainable development perspective is one of the goals of PEN Group. The views and attitudes of senior management since the inception of the company have been an active and dynamic viewpoint and have always tried to identify the best available practices (BATs) as the best environmental developer (BEP) in development projects. Civil and environmental departments, the two main operating arms of the company are in the same direction. PEN activities are not limited to basic design, engineering and environmental consulting, but also during the projects construction and operation as a supervisor, PEN monitors project development and HSEQ requirements.

Civil Department of PEN has done 21 projects successfully. Civil engineering studies and design of urban areas have been one of the most important activities of PEN in recent years. Designing “Tehran Birds Garden” and “Lavizan Forest park development” were successful experiences of PEN in 2011.

Designing of 180 hectares urban park named “Park Iranian”, which is a dominant symbol in District 19 of Tehran Municipality, added to PEN experience in 2012. Environmental studies of “Sarkhandiz Park (Shandiz)” and “Negin Noghandar Park (Torghabeh)” in Khorasan Razavi Province are some work experiences of this company in urban areas.

Designing of wastewater treatment plant of Basht, Lendeh and Sisakht in Kohgilooye & boyerahmad Province are dominant experiences of Civil Department.

PEN has the experience of designing municipal waste landfills as well. PEN designed municipal waste landfill of Damghan and Garmsar in Semnan province and Harsin in Kermanshah province. These are examples of successful experience of Civil Department.

PEN has awarded Grade 1 in “Environment Expertise” Certification by Planning & Budget Organization of Iran. (Checking the validity can be possible with

PEN Environmental Department has successfully terminated 121 projects; therefore has become one of the most eminent and experienced companies in the environmental field in Iran.

PEN successfully did the environmental impact assessment studies (EIA) of South Pars Gas field – Phase 12 including onshore gas refinery, intake, desalination unit, brine pipeline, marine pipelines, platforms, well’s drilling. PEN was the first environmental Consultant that achieved the environmental permission in the South Pars Energy Economic Zone (PSEEZ). The whole study duration was less than 9 months so this experience is completely exclusive and unique. Until now phases, 12 and 19 have been the only gas refineries that have environmental permission in PSEEZ among 24 phases.

EIA studies of Farzad A & B Gas Field, has provided an opportunity to experience the study of offshore environments in the Northern Pars and become the expertise of offshore environmental studies. In addition, PEN did the EIA studies of “Mahshahr oil depot” and “Urmia strategic oil depot”, both adjacent to the aquatic ecosystems.

Experiencing the international offshore pipeline studies in the “Iran- Oman 36” Export Gas Marine Pipeline” is another successful project of this consultant in 2016. In this international project, PEN cooperated with the consortium AETS Omani Company, Horizon, IntechSea, Fugro and Iranian offshore construction (IOEC) in Iran- Oman 36” Export Gas Marine Pipeline.

Because of great Resume, Total Company accepted PEN in its vendor list. PEN with two companies from UK and three other companies from France, is the only Iranian consultant that placed in the vendor list of contractors for environmental studies and the social studies of “Total Oil Company”. PEN was the only Iranian consultant company, is in mentioned vendor list for environmental and social studies of Phase 11 gas refinery development. PEN won the tender at the end of 2016 and completed the environmental social baseline studies (ESBS) with the collaboration of Fugro (Dutch company). PEN did the EIA studies of Phase 11 in cooperation with SLR Company (British Company) but unfortunately, due to the  re-imposition of sanctions, the project abandoned incompletely.

Extensive experience in EIA studies of more than 8000 km of oil & gas pipelines is another remarkable experience of PEN. Abadan-Ahvaz-Arak oil products transmission pipeline (650 km), Rey-Tabriz crude oil transmission pipeline (630 km), The Iran Gas Trunk line (IGAT) 9 (1200 km), Kuhdasht – Nafshahr gas pipeline (260 km for gas export to Iraq), Naeen -Tehran gas transmission (265 km), IGAT 11 Gas pipeline (1100 km) are some examples.

The ESHIA studies of Soran – Choman Highway was devoted to PEN in 2012. This highway located in two border provinces of Iraq. The client was Ministry of Roads and Residential Affairs of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq. Our joint venture of the project was Harazrah Consulting Engineers Company. This project provided an opportunity to promote the ability of PEN on international scale based on IFC/WB scope of work.

Compilation of “National Guideline for Mercury Waste Disposal Based on the Basel Convention”, under the supervision of the Tehran Environment Protection Agency, could consider as a unique experience.

PEN did an international experience in 2016 and 2017 in cooperation with COWI Engineering Company (Denmark) executors of the North Pars Oil & Gas Service Center (InterOil Italy and Petropars of Iran) successfully.

PEN won the tender of EIA studies of “Aban & Paydar Gharb Oil Field”. The client is a Famous Russian Company named ZN VOSTOK. The company has also announced its readiness to rely on technology and the fundraising of Russian company Nord Emiko for its gas recovery projects (FGR) to the National Iranian Oil Company.

Over the past 12 years, PEN group has succeeded in carrying out 159 project titles in Iran and the Middle East. The internal projects of this consultant are generally concentrated in the southern coastal strip, including Khuzestan, Bushehr, Fars, Hormozgan and Sistan and Baluchistan provinces, which covers about 43% of all projects carried out. PEN also has significant presence in the Azerbaijani, Central Plateau and Northern Provinces.