Department of GIS and RS

Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) are the main objective of obtaining, storing, retrieving, managing, and processing reference and descriptive location study in order to produce useful information for decision-making. Remote sensing and GIS are integral to each other. The development of Remote Sensing is of no use without the development of GIS and vice versa. Remote Sensing has the capability of providing large amount of data of the whole earth frequently. GIS has the capabilities of analyzing a large amount of data within no time. These voluminous data would have become useless without the development of GIS. Manual handling of one time remote sensing data would take years together, by the time a number of multi date data would have piled for analysis. Likewise, capability of GIS would have no use without the development of Remote Sensing technology, which provides voluminous data. PEN does feasibility study, site selection, designing conceptual model, logical model and physical model of spatial databases. The RS/GIS department experiences are as bellow:

  • Feasibility study of Urmia Lake industrial exploitation and site selection of salt extraction in 6 alternative including Rahmani Port, Agh Gonbad, north of Kalantari Bridge, Kazem Dadashi, Sharifkhaneh and Chi-Chest (Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration of Iran)
  • Compilation of environmental management program, create and implement of comprehensive web-based software based on remote sensing technology for leakage monitoring and software analyzing in the six areas of the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)
  • Site selection of new Damghan municipal landfill (Damghan Municipality)
  • Site selection of Garmsar municipal landfill (Garmsar Municipality)
  • Site selection of Harsin municipal landfill (Harsin Municipality)
  • Site selection of LAB (Linear Alkyl Benzene) and normal paraffin complex in Bandar Abbas (Entekhab Business and Development Group)
  • Site selection of Dashtestan petrochemical complex (Khark Gas Refining Company)
  • Site selection of Siraf Gas Refineries Complex, consist of 8 independent gas condensate refineries with the total capacity of 480.000 bpd in Siraf region of Bushehr Province (Siraf Refinery Infrastructure Company)
  • Site selection of Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant in Sirik area of Hormozgan Province (Kerman Development organization)
  • Site selection of water pipeline transmission from Oman Sea to Kerman (Kerman Development organization)

Mapping studies and Drawing Maps of study phase, construction phase, operational phase, and all related maps of the project.

Includes collecting, preparing, storing, processing, managing, analyzing, integrating, retrieving and Transmission of location data.