About us

PEN is a private, independent and nongovernmental company that focuses on environmental studies and civil engineering. Protecting, maintaining and improving the environmental status of development projects, services and infrastructure with a sustainable development perspective are one of the major goals of department of environmental studies. Civil department also focuses on designing water and wastewater treatment plans, landfills and urban projects. Points of view of PEN senior management are active and dynamic ever since, and it has always attempted to introduce the best available techniques (BATs) to develop the best environmental performance (BEP) in development projects.



Company Registration and Entering Pipeline EIA Studies

– Registration of PEN Company and receiving the 3rd rank in the environmental expertise from the Planning and Budget Organization;
– Participating in Pipeline ESHIA Studies with Saveh-Hamedan Gas Transmission Project;

Development of Civil and Environmental Departments

– Development of civil department and entering water and wastewater treatment plant Studies
– Doing ESHIA Studies of Abadan-Ahvaz-Arak Oil products Transmission pipeline with the length of 650 km and Rey-Tabriz Crude Oil Transmission with the length of 650 km pipeline successfully;
– Participating in Strategic Oil Depots ESHIA Studies in Mahshahr, Uremia and West Tehran (the country’s largest oil storage);

Development of Civil and Environmental Departments

– Initiation of participation in gas refineries in PSEEZ (phases 12, 13, 14, 19, 20 and 21) and North Pars (Farzad Gas Field);
– Obtaining the first environmental permission from the Iran Environmental Protection Agency in PSEEZ (South Pars Phase 12 as the largest gas refinery in Iran);

Initiation of International Projects

– Initiation of PEN in international projects with Soran-Choman Highway EIA studies on the behalf of the Ministry of Roads and Residential Affairs of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in partnership with the consortium of Iran-Tara Group (Iraq);
– Obtaining the second environmental permission from the Environmental Protection Agency in South Pars Phase 19;
– Obtaining the first environmental permission from the Environmental Protection Agency in North Pars (Farzad Gas Field Development);
– Cooperation of Civil Department in Lavizan Forest Park development and Tehran Birds Garden designing;

Participating the Development Projects in Free Zones

– Participate in feasibility Study of Urmia Lake Industrial Exploration ordered by Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration of Iran (GSI) with supervision of the Research Center of Sharif University of Technology;
– Entry into ESHIA studies of combined cycle power plants (Omidieh, Arvand, Damghan, etc.)
– Entry into EIA studies of oil field development projects (Sepehr, Sohrab, etc.) and desalination projects (Gachsaran, Koupal, Pazanan, etc.).

Achieving 2nd Rank in the Environmental Expertise

– Improvement of the records of PEN in ESHIA studies of oil and gas transmission pipelines to more than 8000 km;
– Achieving 2nd rank in the environmental expertise from the Planning and Budget Organization;
– International development by participating in ESHIA studies of Iran-Oman gas export pipelines in cooperation with AETS (Oman) and IOEC (Iran) companies commissioned by the Ministry of Oil and Gas of Oman (MOG) and the National Iranian Gas Exporting Company (NIGC).
– Participation in ESBS and ESHIA studies of phase 11 gas field development in corporation with Total (French Company) and Fugro (Dutch Company) and SLR (British Company);
– EIS Studies of the North Pars Oil & Gas Service Portal commissioned by Petropars Consortium (Iran) – InterOil (Italy) and COWI (Denmark).

HSEQ Department Development

– Participating in Development Projects of Anzali Industrial Free Zones
– Applying for 1st rank in the environmental expertise
– Development of HSEQ Department (HSEQ, environmental observing and monitoring of Kamfirooz gas pipeline, Kuhdasht- khoram abad gas pipeline, Darreabbas-Mahshahr gas pipeline and Aras power plant)