According Article 192 of the Fifth Development Plan, in order to reduce the pollution of the projects, monitoring and inspection of the environmental considerations of the initial development of the plan for the construction of the Aras Combined Cycle Power Plant delegated to PEN in 2018 by Parto Energy Azar Aras Company. The main goal of the Aras Combined Cycle Power Plant project is production of electricity from the vast natural gas resources in the country. Other goals are increasing the capacity of electricity of national grid, and the supplying the electricity requirement of Aras commercial-industrial zone. Based on the superior strategies of Aras Free Zone, developing heavy industries zone requires more electricity power. This power plant has F class gas turbine and a steam turbine that together can produce 500 MW of electricity.
Siemens Company licenses F class gas turbine and its model is SGT5-400F307 with the efficiency of 40%. Aras power plant is the first power plant in Iran that uses F class gas turbine.
The F-Class turbine equipped by low NOX burner and has less pollution compared to older turbines. This project is one of the major projects of the HSEQ Department of PEN.
The location of the power plant in Jolfa County of East Azerbaijan Province is in desirable position due to the availability of water resources, gas, uncontrolled lands and corridors and power stations.


Environmental monitoring and inspections of Darre- Abbas-Mahshahr 36” gas pipeline with a length of 769.62 km delegated to Department of HSEQ of PEN. The client was Niroo Gostar Group. The purpose of this project is to feed the petrochemical industry in Mahshahr Petrochemical Special Economic Zone by natural gas. Another goal Of the project is to Strengthening the domestic gas network. The entire pipeline route is adjacent to another 30“ gas pipeline. The whole pipeline is located in Khuzestan Province. It is located in adjacent of Shadegan Wetland and so the project has utmost importance. The HSEQ Department of PEN Company has done many transition pipeline projects in environmental monitoring and pipeline inspection.